A Simple Test to See If You’re Up to Installing Your Own Roof


Think you’re up to grappling the fourth most dangerous job in America?

Well, that’s what you’d be doing if you choose to put in your own new roof.According to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even law enforcement officials have less probability of dying on the duty than skilled roofers do.

And however myriad do-it-yourselfers risk life and limb each year to undertake to avoid wasting some usd and/or prove they apprehend their approach around a gas nail gun.

“There’s no higher thanks to meet Associate in Nursing orthopaedic Dr. – or an mortician – than by defrayal an extended quantity of your time on your roof,” cautions PopularMechanics.com. “One little slip or fuckup, and it’s a protracted approach down.

“With that caveat in mind, here are 3 inquiries to raise yourself before committing:* Are you comfy with heights?

You might have had an excellent time going hot-air flying with friends, however it’s a wholly completely different factor being up forty feet on a roof knowing that – even once you’ve ripped out all the previous roofing and checked for harm – you continue to ought to install things like leak barrier and roof deck protection before you’ll even deem nailing on new shingles.

Again, all whereas forty feet off the bottom.And all whereas sporting rubber-soled boots to (hopefully) keep you from tripping on a slick spot, safety glasses to (hopefully) keep you from injuring a watch with Associate in Nursing errantly beat nail, and a harness to (hopefully) keep you from plummeting to the bottom once functioning on a steeply pitched roof.

* Are you as sturdy as you think?You’d higher hope thus as a result of you’ll be lugging what looks like loads of building material and instrumentality up a ladder.

The instrumentality alone includes (but isn’t restricted to): Associate in Nursing compressor, a power saw, a hack saw, an electrical drill, a saw horse, a roofing shovel, a claw hammer, a framing hammer, a chisel, and also the said gas nail gun, that has been delineate as “basically a weapon.”And that ladder?

Not solely can you wish to position it precisely right for safety reasons (extending it thirty six inches higher than the landing or roof eave), however there’s a doubtless important reason why it ought to be fabricated from a selected material.

“It’s crucial to use a non-conductive ladder fabricated from wood or fibreglass once operating close to wires to avoid electrocution,” advises Jason Joplin, program manager of the GAF Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence (CARE).

“Far too several roofers have died as a result of they were victimization metal ladders.”* does one have already got the mandatory tools?Remember, that was just a partial list you simply scan.

And as Angie’s List says, “If you’ve got to travel out and purchase an influence saw however don’t arrange to use it within the future, it’s in all probability not an honest investment.

“Having second thoughts? GAF (gaf.com), North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has created it straightforward to seek out the foremost estimable and adequately insured professionals in your space by looking out its website’s GAF Master Elite Contractor info.

Oh, and for those questioning, the highest 3 most dangerous jobs are loggers, fishing staff, and craft pilots. Cops, incredibly, didn’t even build the highest 10.